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Welcome to The Nancy Drew Sleuths' Website!

Nancy Drew Sleuths is an organization of American and International fans and scholars, established on April 10, 2000 for the purpose of fostering the enduring legacy of Nancy Drew.

A timeless sleuth, Nancy Drew is smart, capable and plucky to boot. She has enthralled readers for generations with her exciting adventures--quite a feat for a 80 year old sleuth!

Sleuth through our website and discover clues about our organization, Visit our Sleuth Shop for great Sleuth and mystery merchandise, learn about our annual Sleuth conventions, Sleuth Awards, our series magazine The Sleuth and Sleuth charitable endeavors. Better yet, hop aboard Nancy's roadster and join us! Kids, check out our ND Sleuths: Jr. Detective Squad Club! Learn more about Nancy Drew at the Nancy Drew Sleuth Unofficial Website. Official Sleuth Members: Click on the "Members Only" section and enter your secret password to gain access. If you're on Facebook, click on the Facebook logo and add us as a friend! And follow us on Twitter: NancyDrewFans! See the Twitter box below...

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UPDATED: October 16, 2014: Check out 2015 Convention details and also 2015 absentee registration information for the Sleuths' 15th Annual Conventions.

Subscribe to The Sleuth! Our former e-zine is now a print subscriber-only series zine!

Our first print issue is our September/October 2006 issue with lots of fun articles and submissions.

You'll find yourself enjoying our feature articles and columns by regular contributors: The Clue Conundrum--feature trivia, quiz, or game; Collector Profiles, Collectible of the Month, Series Spotlight on boys' and girls' series, Drew Interviews, Nancy Drew News, Drew Reviews, Things We Learned from Nancy Drew, and so much more!

Check out the Nancy Drew collecting article in the Feb. '09 issue of Collectors News! It profiles Jenn Fisher's collection, Nancy Drew, and the Nancy Drew Sleuths fan club!

Check out Susan Kandel's second installment in her Cece Caruso gumshoe series, Not a Girl Detective. The Nancy Drew Sleuths and their 2003 NYC convention provided inspired research for Susan's book and the hilarious fictional Nancy Drew fan group, the Nancy Drew Society of Chums. Cece writes biographies of dead mystery writers and manages to stumble upon mysteries while researching. She's also a vintage clothing aficionado. Susan's first novel in the series, I dreamed I married Perry Mason, was a Los Angeles Times bestseller. Not a Girl Detective was published in June 2005 and it was followed by several more Cece Caruso novels. Visit Susan's website for more information and vintage clothing tips!

Synopsis of Not a Girl Detective:

Cece Caruso spent her youth idolizing teenage super-sleuth Nancy Drew, a fantasy that surely influenced her grown-up job writing biographies of deceased mystery writers. And before she knows it, Cece gets a shot at imitating the beloved girl detective.

Researching the life of pseudonymous author Carolyn Keene, she meets a fascinating collector of "Blue Nancys," the early books with blue covers. The collector even offers her the use of his Palm Springs vacation house when Cece attends a wacky fan convention to meet more Nancy-holics. But amid the fun, Cece discovers her patron stone-cold dead, and now she has to unmask a very sly killer before a dangerous enemy comes after her.

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